Saturday, 23 January 2016

He's Not a Bike, He a Chopper

Jung Pirates - The Woodcutter?

The first of the non-RotK Jung Pirates have started to appear!  Awesomesauce time.  Let's assume normal buto stats: 10 health, +2 melee strength, 9-11 rice depending on stats/Ki feats.  He actually brings an anchor point for the Jung battle line as until now the Jung Pirate profiles have all been very squishy.  Now all I need are some profiles with Leap so I can exploit having a tanky model like this.

Good things happening with the Tengu Decension though, my planned warband is a White Mesa themed one, but I'm interested in how a Wind Watchers theme works out with some of the other test profiles.  Granted I have almost all the White Mesa stuff painted, but I really like the idea of using all those place effects to really catch people off guard.  I only need to paint... Hokibo, both Zephyr Guards, and Kotenbo... then wait for another Tengu Decension model to get released and I'll be fine!  Weirdly I couldn't get Tarobo into the warband.  You can't see it but I'm putting on my 'squinty face' as I type this.  Unfortunately he can't really fight, and the warband needs models that can do that, so Tarobo got cut despite his awesome stun/sixth sense unique effect.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Wave 27 Profiles

Here's the current list of Wave 27 profiles.  I don't think there are going to be any other profiles, it's a larger wave than normal 6 models.  There's no concept art, but GCT appears to be releasing the profile cards along with the model announcements.

Bachiko Takashi
Bakemono Boomers
Iiju Makoto
Misao, the Grey Rose
Okyo Archer
Takashi Retainer

Of these profiles, Qimmiq is probably the biggest game changer, he adds a lot to the Tengu Decension through the ability to move things around or hold enemy models in place.  I think Misao is next, but I'm not entirely sure, she occupies a similar spot to Harukichi, but she may allow for greater flexibility in Jade Rose theme warbands.  She's a profile I'll have to see in action before I can tell just how good she is.  The Okyo Archers pose an interesting possible skew for Ito Clan warbands where you could go massively ranged attack heavy.

The overall faction winner though is Prefecture, where they get a samurai with both Cleave and Inspiration, and a raft of cheap samurai with bodyguard, that opens up the Blood of the Dragon theme quite significantly.

Friday, 15 January 2016

Birdman Returns

Hwoar!  Back in the swing of things again after a few months of thumb-twiddling.  It's taken a while, but I'm once again back into warband theorycrafting and getting games in on a semi-regular basis.  At this moment I'm quite focused on my first iteration of what will probably be my next UK Masters warband using the Tengu Decension.  I also have this strange idea to bring a different faction every year...  So next year, Jung Pirates.  Honest.

Back to the Tengu Decension however, I'm only missing 2 models from my upcoming warband: Qimmiq who is released in Wave 27 some time in early February; and another unreleased profile that should be out in the following wave.  While I still have a lot of Tengu Decension models to paint, all the models currently available in my warband are finished and ready to go.  Quite chuffed with that really.  I'll get working on the models I'm most likely to use in other warbands next, such as the Zephyr Guard(s).

The dock board is on hold at the moment, there are some art supplies I need to pick up so that the wooden docks don't fall apart over time.  The plan is to get some really thin plasticard and glue the dock planks to that rather than trying to glue them to a frame of some sort.  This will make the planks really solid and you'll have to do some serious work to pry them off.

After that I'll need to level out the rest of the board and 'pave' it with textured plasticard. I don't have enough plasticard for the full thing but I think I can cut it into small pieces and have rough terrain sections poking through - the docks are supposed to be run down after all.