Friday, 24 January 2014

Special K

Wow, it's been *ages* since I had time to do an update to the blog.

The Christmas holidays came and went, there was no Bushido I'm afraid as I was away in Houston, Texas, going crazy from having nothing to do besides babysit my sister's kids.  They're fun to be around, but I really could have used a good computer game or two (or three) to play in my own time.

Gaming has started back up in Glasgow however, so I can expect more regular Bushido games once again - I'm thinking of working on building up my Temple of Ro-kan miniatures so that I can start using it as a cohesive faction rather than my starter set and some odd miniatures.  I'm quite excited about the upcoming releases for Temple, Tsutsumi provides a good ranged attack (no damage, but useful effect), and the profile being tested after him fits very neatly into the sort of list I'd like to run.  In fact I just put in an order for Riku, Kitsune, Koji & friends, and one of the kami blisters.  Now I just need to find time to do some painting...

I was looking at the list Toby (Master T) posted he was bringing to SmogCon and I began to think that a lot of people will start to utilize about 10% of their points towards special cards once they're out.  Originally I thought they were only going to be point fillers, but with enough cunning and trickery, some really powerful combinations can be crafted: I looked at Suchiro with a gorinto, prayer beads, and Greater Destiny, all just to make him as immune to Ki-based attack as possible.  That's focusing a lot of cards into one figure however, so that's not a likely (or smart) combination of cards.  But let's say... Dark Secrets, something that bestows Weak Mind on a target, and a self-sacrifice trigger?  Why yes, I would be willing to try that out, thank you very much.