Friday, 29 October 2010

Slaves to Fashion

Well, mounds of metal have made their way back onto the painting table and I'm actually slapping paint on them.  Jim's Overseer is completed and has been handed over, unfortunately I can't find the adaptor for the battery charger so I haven't been able to update my gallery in AGES.  I'd rather like to put Mulg up there too...  The Overseer is perhaps my finest work so far, I opted for a higher degree of contrast and highlighting, and I think the result really paid off.  Of course you'll all just have to take my word for it until I find an adaptor...

This weekend is the 25 point tournament in Dundee, and I'm puzzling how to get there.  I thought getting on a train from Glasgow to Dundee would be simple, but alas strange transfers and astrological alignments get involved.  I will have to resort to taking the dreaded bus.  Unspeakable I know.  People should know that the start times have shifted around slightly, the doors open at 9:30 am, and hopefully the first games will begin at 11:00 am.

Monday, 18 October 2010

A Very Articulate "Blergh"

I'm afraid I'm just too busy/tired to keep up with the Monday/Friday schedule.  Instead I'll go back to writing posts as I can since I don't play games as often as I should/could.

The Druid Overseer I'm painting for Jim is *finally* nearly finished, I just need to do the brown bits and he'll be all done.  Then I'm going to see if I can get some work done on my Krielstone Bearer & Friends unit since I never leave home without them.  40 minutes each day should get me a painted unit or two fairly quickly.  The Swamp Troll has also been built, and he's actually very large, occupying the vast majority of a medium base.  Swampy is still a very cool miniature and I'd like to test him out in actual gameplay.

Congratulations is in order for Jamie P as he won the Benelux Masters.  So... grats!  I'm actually really curious to see what lists Benjamin Fuzi (Retribution) brought, as it's rare that you see the Angry Elves place highly in tournaments - especially if they can't bring the usual Rahn list of their choice.  Personally I like Rahn and Kaelyssa, but I'd love to see what people have had actually work for them.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Icy Grip SR2011 Tournament.

Venue: QMU
Date: 20th Novemember 2010
Time: 11am - 5pm+
Fee: £3

35 point Steamroller 2011 tournament.

Bring the following items:
2 copies of each list - one copy if for the TO (myself) and the other is for your opponents.
Wreck markers
Tape measure
Card sleeves

You can sign up for the tournament at the following forums: Warmachine UK or GUGS.  If you can, please use the GUGS forums to sign up, it helps reinforce that the WM/H community has members who are members in GUGS and that the community brings in 'outsiders' to GUGS.

I'm afraid the scenario pack isn't available just yet, but it should be released before the event.  I will post a notice on the various forums and on this blog when the scenario pack is released to the general public.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Roughing Out

The latest rough draft of Steamroller scenarios for playtesting have made their way into the hands of the Press Gangers, and there's some very interesting new scenarios.  Hacksaw76 and his team have really pulled out some cool stuff - though some of the newer ones are confusing to read the first time through (though there's nothing like Ridge Raiders thankfully).  It's time to subject the local players to all the new scenarios and provide feedback!

While I do love my metal rings of circular scenario goodness, it's just too expensive to pick up another set (or 3 in this case, 4"/8"/12" rings seem to be the new black in scenario zone sizes).  I think I'll follow suite of the PGs at the UK Masters and make the zones out of some sort of mesh or fabric.  It may not be as precise but its certainly easier on my wallet.  Maybe Privateer Press should start putting stop watches on the list of things I can buy with PG points...

For those of you who are Legion of Everblight players you can find two of the themed lists at Bell of Lost Souls: pThagrosh and pLylyth.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Binary States

Sorry for the lack of normal updates lately, I've just been busy or sleeping.  There doesn't seem to be a calm in-between stage at the moment, it's a binary state: BUSY or UNCONSCIOUS.  I played a horrendous game against Jim on Saturday when he tested out Venethrax, a LOT of infantry, 2 pistol wraiths, and Gorman.  Those last two entries made Mulg spend the entire game out of the action - though I did come up with a viable counter-tactic later.

I'm still quite unsure about what infantry to take in my 50 point pDoomshaper list - I know I should include Janissa Stonetide, what she does for my play-style (Denial) makes her a real bonus.  However, I do have an unusually large battlegroup (2 heavies, 3 lights - 38 points worth), which doesn't leave a lot of points for infantry.  Large battlegroups need screening infantry, ideally infantry that is both expendable and flexible.  Many experiments will be conducted before the next UK Masters... Starting with a maximum unit of Kriel Warriors, no bells and whistles.  Or I could splurge all my Press Ganger points on a pDoomshaper themed list with 3 units of Runeshapers...

This Saturday is a GUGathon, so there will be gamers at the QMU until 2am.  I'll be there from about lunch time.