Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Grrr Arrrgh

Well, that may have been my least fun game in a while. I spent a good 4 turns (at least) chasing Martin's pMagnus (+battlegroup) around a building before giving up and throwing away models just to get him to commit in one place. Unfortunately I became a total dickwad about it so I'll apologise to him next week (seeing as I don't have his mobile number). No excuse for it really. Next time though I'm making sure there isn't a giant building in the middle.

While playing about with Forward Kommander I accidentally came up with a really good eMagnus list. It's a total focus hog on eMagnus but it has all the requirements I need in my armies. I might try it against Jim at some point. At 35 points though, I'm not too sure about a good eMagnus list... Maybe with 2 Nomads instead... hmmm...

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Thumbs are Overrated

Well, it's been a while since I actually had any gaming updates, but that's mainly due to my lack of games. I have a 50 point game against Martin lined up on Tuesday where I hope to test out my UK Masters eDoomshaper list. There are a few things I would like to try out but I simply don't have the models or money to give them a whirl. I wanted to swap out my Fennblades for Runeshapers and a minimum unit of Kriel Warriors so I had some ranged magical attacks (only range 8 though =( ). I'll see how my list works out first though. I expect to Mulg all his warjacks as Martin is by nature a Warmachine 40k player and his warcaster is likely to stay quite far back.

What is a Warmachine 40k player you may ask? Typically they're players who came to Warmachine from Warhammer 40k and haven't changed over to the more aggressive philosophy promoted by Privateer Press games. Many gunline players are Warmachine 40k players. Luckily I never played Warhammer 40k, so I started off suicidally aggressive and slowly became more cautious; ranged attacks are for wimps.

I have finally replenished my stock of Bleached Bone and progress on Mulg and my Dire Troll Mauler snails its way onward. I picked up a Reaper miniatures gnome sorcerer for my 4e D&D character and I've been working on him, it's such a relief to paint something not covered in pouches, bags, cigars, ammo, guns, more guns, tassels, spades, spare knives, and beer kegs.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

We Are Preview, For We Are Many

There's a whole raft of model previews on the Privateer Press website. My personal favourite is the Dire Troll Bomber. I don't care what he actually does, I'm totally getting one.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Fatigue in the System

Once again I have been struck down with the RPG bug. I caught it after reading Chris Perkin's extensive episode guide for his Iomandra campaign. If you're a DM/GM in any way one of these guides (either one) are definitely worth a read, they're a fascinating way to see how someone else (who is a much better DM than me) constructs their stories in a campaign. I don't recommend reading both the Monday and Wednesday guides as there is significant story overlap and you'll end up reading a great deal of the same thing with different character names.

What intrigues me the most is the amount of resources Chris Perkins must have at WotC HQ - or even at his personal disposal. He's got to have miniatures for everything D&D - granted they're not exactly wowing me with miniature sculpts but you're not after fantastic miniatures when you're plonking down 20 random skeletons/zombies. A small part of me is very jealous.

Which moves us once again into the realm of the Iron Kingdoms RPG. I have now ordered myself a 1.5" squared battle mat - that's about 37mm for the unenlightened (and 40mm in plumbing terms for some reason), so I should be able to crowd in a decent number of medium based models (see: trollkin) without too much hassle. I just need to come up with a suitable system to use - I'd prefer 4e at the moment as it's relatively simple and supports the use of miniatures. I have also discovered I do my best writing when exhausted. My reporter's notepad is now filled with neat little handwriting that defies the fatigue I powered through at 3am this morning. And it's bloody amazing stuff that makes sense. I just need lots of pirates.

Monday, 15 March 2010

New Hordes MKii Update

The final update before we see Hordes MKii in book and card format has appeared on Privateer Press' website here: http://privateerpress.com/hordes-mkii-model-update

I haven't had time to go through the changes yet, but many of you will be overjoyed to find out Mulg has lost Overtake. You may not be so overjoyed to learn that Mulg has a raft of new abilities instead. Does this mean I'm going to have to restart my list of people who got Mulg'ed?

Compiled List of Changes:
Trollbloods - aka, Sevwall has a grammar fail.
Circle of Orboros
Legion of Everblight

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Blackjack and Hookers

There's a big guffaw about the European Hordes & Warmachine Team Challenge around the Warmachine and Hordes forums. Do not confuse this event with the Warmachine/Hordes Open European Team Championship in Austria. That would be foolish.

So yeah, Maelstrom are running a big team tournament type thing. And it costs £30 just to get a single ticket, 4 people to a team... for 5 games? Their tables better be flocked with real gold leaf and the goody bags stuffed with ornaments made from pure nerdy joy. In other words, thank you but we'll pass; as much fun as it would be to swoop down south and ninja loot to my shrivelled black heart's content. I wouldn't mind stopping down that way to help run the event but the price is definitely off-putting as a player.

Mulg has impacted into my painting queue, but the gelatinous state of my Bleached Bone is thwarting my efforts to make significant headway. That and my plumbing exams in Livingston, those are a bummer too.

Friday, 5 March 2010

On Top of a Big Pile of Money

Drake MacBain thunders his way onto the Privateer Press website. I'm guessing his tiered list is stuffed full of Steelheads. He reminds me of Saxon Hale. If his stats are interesting I'll probably pick him up and paint him up as a brother of another colour rather than the usual Caucasian.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Lack of Munching

Alas, Jim's pButcher was not Mulg'ed. My collection will have to remain incomplete for a while yet. I'm fairly happy that I've managed to fight Jim to a standstill a second time but munching on the Butcher would have been some icing on the cake. It's time to experiment with a new warlock - Borka and Grissel are at the top of my list.

In Privateer Press related news, Lich Lord Venethrax's model has been put up. I don't like the strange smoke stacks or the shape of Venethrax's weapon, but I'm pretty sure both can be modified without much effort.

My Trollkin Champion Hero has long since been completed and I should get the finished pictures up later today or tomorrow. After finishing him up my pot of Bleached Bone underwent a strange metamorphosis, transforming from liquid into some form of jelly. I have no idea why this happened but I guess it's time to get another pot.

Monday, 1 March 2010