Monday, 28 September 2009

Hordes MKii Field Test Announced

Hordes players everywhere (myself now included as the Sunshine Kriel expands) can let loose howls of joy as the Hordes MKii field test dates have been announced.
After nearly a year of restless anticipation, Privateer Press is proud to announce that the HORDES Mk II Field Test will open on November 24th.

The HORDES Mk II field test documents will be available for download from the HORDES Mk II field test site at Players will need to register on the site in order to provide feedback and download the HORDES field test documents. Registration will open with the release of the HORDES Mk II field test documents at 10:00 am PST, November 24th. Note that players who register for the WARMACHINE Field Test will need to re-register to partake in the HORDES Mk II Field Test.

Following the conclusion of the HORDES Field Test, Privateer Press will release an amended field test document online on January 2, 2010. This document will be adopted as official for all Privateer Press organized play events that include HORDES. The amended document will not be the final version of the rules, but will include some changes made from field test feedback to provide HORDES players with the best rule set possible until HORDES Primal Mk II officially releases in summer 2010.

Boomhowler is now completed, though I haven't applied the second layer of varnish to him yet, the first layer appears to have dried more matt than usual so I thought I'd just leave it. In the immortal saying my father imparted to me over a decade ago: if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Next up, fixing Ashlynn and then the Pyre Troll.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Made of Win

After a ludicrous amount of time I've finally managed to get a game of Warmachine in. Last week's game was cancelled due to a double booking at the hall, I'm a bit sketchy on the details. Instead I played Martin in what amounted to a mirror match of pMagnus and Steelheads vs... pMagnus and Steelheads. The only difference between our army lists was that I had one less Halberdier and squeezed in the Piper of Ord. That tiny difference (and probably the fact I've played more games with this list than Martin) meant that I managed to win with an ingenious assassination run through the use of Furious Charge, March and my Steelhead Cavalry. The Andy is sated for now.

In painting and modelling, Boomhowler is nearly finished, I have to do his boots and his ammo and then I'm all done. Huzzah. Only 9 more guys in his unit to do... I have also repaired Ashlynn's elbow with the use of green stuff and I should be sticking her on a new base once Boomhowler is done.

Speaking of Ashlynn and pMagnus, they're both stupidly awesome in official Mark II - the official rules can be downloaded in pdf form for free(!). pVlad players may be disappointed with his changes, warranted though they may be. Screening is also gone.

Not only are the Mark II rules available, but the Iron Kingdoms RPG books are available for sale in PDF form! No longer will I be the only one with the resources to run the RPG, for others will be able to ladle out spoonfuls of RPG information on their very own with their not-quite-as-shiny-as-my-books PDFs. Rejoice oh ye players.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Fell Howl o' Pirateness

Since it be that most important day for pirates I best be speakin' like a true buccaneer. Those who break the Code o' Speak like a Pirate Day be keelhauled at dawn!

I be loving this here miniaturescalliwag. Greygore Boomhowler be me favourite scurvy dog by Privateer Press. Me use o' mixing mediums be hampering me sailing the seas to completing me bullion encrusted miniature. Metallic paints be benefiting from a dose o' the gloss medium, it be like grog. This here dog be nearing completion, even the cabin boy be able to finish him off with a quick lick o' paint.

Avast me maties, I be plundering the shores o' Pathfinder for me role-playing dubloons. The Pathfinder book be a rare and precious treasure, and it not be a meagre size to boot! I bin following that fellow buccaneer Nick Logue and his meanderings over the seven seas o' the 'internets' and spied Sinister Adventures. Such worthy acts do inspire lowly sea dogs like meself to try for greater things and I be hoisting up me DM's flag aboard the RPG ship. Thar will be grog aplenty on me ship, what more could a true pirate ask for?

Fell Howl

I love this miniature. Greygore Boomhowler is easily my favourite miniature by Privateer Press. Progress with him has been unusually slow but he is the first miniature where I've been making extensive use of mixing mediums. I highly recommend mixing a metallic paint with a gloss medium. The metallics just seem to go on smoother. He's about 75% done in that picture, the majority of the work involves metallics or simple highlighting of leather items (how many belts does a trollkin need? (5)). If only my infamous Wall of Tough™ actually worked when Boomhowler was on the board... This is the completed Boomhowler now.

In other news I've picked up the book for Pathfinder. That's D&D 3.75 for the unenlightened. Getting hold of the rulebook has been something of a quest in itself. It's huge! I've also been following Nick Logue's work lately at Sinister Adventures, it's inspired me to take up the mantle of running an IKRPG game again - with added pulp adventure! There will be explosions, mechanithralls, PIRATES and dastardly traps. What more could you ask for?

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Rampage '09 Results

Behold, the sacred results of the Summer Rampage. For those who did not know, Summer Rampage determined the order the Forces books would be released - this includes Hordes factions. Unfortunately Mercenaries finished last amongst the Warmachine factions, so one part of my army will have to wait (at least until I buy the cards), but the Trollbloods pulled through nicely in the end, coming a close second to Skorne.

Once again no games for me tonight, but I scheduled a game for next week against Martin, who plays Mercenaries. I'll have to pick up a new Ashlynn I think and get her painted up in a hurry - I stepped on my previous Ashlynn and the results weren't pretty. I've noticed the number of games I play has certainly gone down since becoming a Press Ganger, is this because of the impending MKii or is it some unbeknownst curse of being a PG? At least I get free posters.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Glasgow Gaming 2009-2010

Didn't play a game tonight (wow, haven't played a game in *ages* now) since I had to visit GUGS to negotiate obtaining a key to the Mystical Cupboard of Stuff. This cupboard houses the vast collection of terrain and boards that Johanna made for use with Warmachine and Hordes. If I have a key it's much easier to run events or even just make sure that there's someone to open the cupboard when people turn up.

There was supposed to be an important meeting about the impending Freshers Week at Glasgow University (mmmm... Freshers...) but in typical role-player fashion they forgot. Luckily they haven't forged a new committee so I could speak to Craig, the current big-wig about the key. He'll have more information for me once he's rounded up the other people with keys to the cupboard.

Important Dates:
26th September 2009 - Saturday GUGS should reopen. This does depend on whether GUGS can book the appropriate rooms with the new QMU committee.

February 2010 - Conflagration
GUGS annual convention, there should be a Warmachine and Hordes tournament using the new MKii rules. Thomas and I will provide greater details of this at a later date. Expect an update on this in October when various student committees are put in place and decisions at that end can be made.